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Evidence Base

A wise feedback framing statement is a brief statement that instructors can include along with comments on key assignments and exams. It conveys that the instructor is providing feedback for two reasons. First, the instructor has appropriately challenging course standards, and second, the instructor believes the student is capable of meeting them. Wise feedback framing statements have been shown to increase students’ trust that grades are assigned impartially and increase academic engagement. Wise feedback has also been shown to reduce academic outcome gaps between students from structurally disadvantaged and structurally advantaged racial groups (Cohen, Steele, and Ross, 1999; Yeager, 2014).



College Transition Collaborative/Equity Accelerator


Instructors across the SEP network used evidence-based resources in the SEP Classroom Practices Library to develop their approach to wise feedback framing statements. The resource guides in the Classroom Practices Library helped instructors communicate that they have appropriately challenging standards for student work and assure students that they are capable of reaching that standard.  The guides also helped instructors give specific suggestions for how students can improve their work and provide students with the resources necessary to carry out those suggestions. Click the link below to learn more about effective wise feedback framing statements and review the evidence-based implementation guide in the Classroom Practices Library.