Driver 2 - Supportive Instructor & Course Interactions

Resources in this Change Idea

Evidence Base

The term social connectedness refers to the creation of bonding relationships. Students who feel a sense of social connectedness are more likely to have better social and academic experiences during college, including higher emotional well-being, and better health (Jose et al., 2012; Walton et al., 2012; Yoon et al., 2012).



College Transition Collaborative/Equity Accelerator


Instructors across the SEP network used evidence-based resources in the SEP Classroom Practices Library to develop their approach to encouraging connections in the classroom. The resource guides in the Classroom Practices Library helped  instructors encourage students to view everyone as individuals with lives that extend beyond the classroom and provide opportunities for connection with the instructional team and other students. The guides also help instructors demystify how students can communicate and interact with the instructional team. Click the link below to learn more about encouraging connections in the classroom and review the evidence-based implementation guide in the Classroom Practices Library