Driver 3 - Inclusive Department & Campus Climate

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Evidence Base

When learning environments are dominated by representations of individuals from majority groups, individuals who come from historically excluded or underserved groups or who are numerically underrepresented in college settings can experience reduced social belonging, impaired academic performance, stress-indicative physiological responses, and reduced interest and motivation in the academic discipline (Cundiff, Matsick, & Vescio, 2011; Murphy, Steele, & Gross, 2007; Covarrubias & Fryberg, 2015; Lewis & Sekaquaptewa, 2016). Many institutions are turning their attention to institutional portraiture; campus halls and classroom walls are often adorned with photographs and paintings of predominantly white, male scholars, so institutions are taking steps to make these demonstrations of success more diverse (Cundiff, Matsick, & Vescio 2011; Wellbery and Mishory 2018).



Denise Bartell
Associate Vice Provost for Student Success & Associate Professor, University of Toledo

Melissa Oddo
Project Manager, Provost Office, University of Toledo

Willie McKether
Former Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion and Vice Provost, University of Toledo


The inaugural Inclusive Wall of Honor was installed at the University of Toledo in April 2021. Spearheaded by Dr. Wllie McKether, former Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at UToledo, the wall includes portraits of a diverse representation of underrepresented minority, disabled, and LGBTQA+ leaders, staff and alumni. Its presence on the third floor of the iconic University Hall means that the entire campus is able to see these portraits, in particular those who are not used to seeing successful people similar to them displayed so prominently. Click the link below to view the Inclusive Wall of Honor Dedication Ceremony.


As one student mentioned in the announcement about the wall, “This wall ensures that students see representation on the campus of people similar to them and serves as a reminder of hope and encouragement during their time at The University of Toledo.”